Ground Vac uses a technique known as Hydro Excavation (sometimes also called Vacuum Excavation or Soft Digging). Hydro Excavation is an increasingly popular and non-destructive form of digging that utilises high-pressure water to safely excavate without damaging existing infrastructure. This includes any underground assets such as telecommunications, fibre optics, underground power and water lines.

Hydro Excavation

This is a proven and cost-effective method of locating, exposing and mapping underground utilities. Hydro Excavation can safely excavate in situations where normal excavation machinery cannot be used, and is especially useful for confined spaces. It can trench under paths, driveways, fences, concrete structures or those hard to reach places, minimizing damage to surroundings and structures. In many instances this can reduce inconvenience and improve safety of the public.

All the services listed below are carried out utilising the Hydro Excavation technique.