Equipment and Projects

Ground Vac operates two BMA compliant Hydro Excavation trucks with 3000 litre holding tanks. We also operate one 3500 litre septic waste removal truck. In addition, we have a 7.5 tonne excavator, possi track and 4 tonne tipper for hire. MR licence is required for dry hire of small and large excavation trucks. Ground Vac has worked on projects with Peak Downs, South Walker and Poitrel mines, the Hay Point Coal Terminal and Mackay Regional Council amongst others.
Waste Removal Truck — Hydro Excavation in Erakala, QLD
Groundvac's 3500 litre Septic Waste Removal Truck.

Hydro Excavation Equipments & Procedure

Hydro Excavation combines pressurised water and a high flow of air to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil at a controlled rate. This process allows for quick, clean and precise evacuations. The soil and water slurry are conveyed to a truck-mounted holding tank. This eliminates the chance of run-off into stormwater drains and waterways, making it much more environmentally friendly than conventional excavation methods. Hydro Excavation has become the method of choice for many utility companies and municipal and state government departments when mapping, locating and exposing underground utilities.
Hydro Excavation Truck — Hydro Excavation in Erakala, QLD
Groundvac's BMA compliant Hydro Excavation Truck with 3000 litre holding tank.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation with Ground Vac

Speeds construction by the identification of the exact location of existing utilities. No damage to underground utilities and disruption of essential services avoids the financial liabilities associated with damage to these assets. Exact utility location reduces delays due to changes in planning. Pre-located utilities prevent costly downtime increasing productivity Smaller excavation profile reduces restoration time and costs and minimises environmental impact. Reduction of inconvenience and improvement of safety for the public.
Groundvac's Hydro Excavation — Hydro Excavation in Erakala, QLD
An example of Groundvac's Hydro Excavation.

Hydro Excavation Projects

  • Peak Downs
  • South Walker and Poitrel mines
  • The Hay Point Coal Terminal
  • Mackay Regional Council